Shipping policy

Cool Melanin partners with many international companies to be able to offer clients competitive prices for our exclusive products. Shipping from these companies can possibly result in your order taking about 2 to 4 weeks to arrive. The processing of orders is within 2-5 business days prior to shipment.

Due to factors that commonly affect international shipments, such as weather delays, holidays and customs inspections, we are unable to give exact shipping dates.

For your reference, our suppliers provide us with tracking numbers along with your orders; and we are glad to assist with your shipping status.

We ship from many different factories all around the world. So, please don't be surprised if items are shipped separately if you order more than one item.


If you plan to give one of our items as a holiday gift, we do not recommend buying the items during the holiday. There is a risk of the item not arriving there on time. We are not held responsible for items that do not arrive before specified dates.